Best of Both Worlds

Small Agency Attention…Big Agency Results!


money-jigsaw-puzzle-pieceWe pride ourselves in offering customized service to fit our clients’ needs. Our full service agency has revolutionized the field of accounts receivables management with a unique blend of advanced technology and proven techniques, along with highly trained staff of seasoned collection professionals.

At Grimm Collections, we treat every single account the same, regardless of balance or age. 

Your money matters, and we know every penny counts!


A Novel Idea – Keeping You Informed!


With many of our competitors, you only know what’s going on with your accounts when you get a check. We have a different way of working with our clients: openly, keeping you fully informed as we work. We help our clients manage their accounts receivables with greater efficiency and effectiveness through a variety of free analytical reports, delivered according to your timelines, and in any media format you desire. Our reports also bring you a unique historical perspective that allows you to uncover trends and patterns in your unique marketplace.


What Our Clients Say…