See Collections in a New Light!

iStock_000006129616_ExtraSmallIt is no secret that people are the foundation of our success. Our executive team continues to shape Grimm’s culture as an expert service firm with the innovative technology and keen personnel to serve our clients’ needs. We employ skilled managers, collectors and administrative professionals to continue to build upon this exceptional team. We devote considerable resources to ensure that the people handling our clients’ business are the “shining stars” of the industry.


Collector Training

Our staff members have the skills they need to get the results you want. At Grimm Collections, new debt collectors undergo a comprehensive training regimen, starting with two weeks of intensive training related to all applicable federal, state and city laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). All collectors receive ongoing coaching, mentoring and evaluation throughout their time at Grimm Collections, including weekly and monthly reviews of phone calls, live monitoring and continuing education related to compliance and customer service issues.


Sensitivity Skills

Our collectors display firm persistence and patience throughout the entire collection process. All debtors are treated with dignity, respect and compassion as we follow each account with precise detail from inception to resolution. And since we are an extension of your business office, we always protect our clients’ image and reputation in the communities that we serve.


Enhanced Customer Service

white_gloveWe realize that client relationships are very important, and that collection is more than just recovering money. At Grimm, we go the extra mile to provide a customer support system that alleviates the “I’m just a number” feeling that is so common in business today. We treat each client as if they were our only client. From our president to our newest employee, we listen and respond quickly to all of our clients’ needs.


What Our Clients Say…