Diverse Collections

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Cute business customer service woman smilingWe realize that our superior services must be matched by competitive prices. Contingency fees for collection accounts assigned to Grimm remain competitive without undermining our service standards. Unlike many collection agencies, we do not charge our clients up-front fees for the “privilege” of placing an account with us.

We do not get paid unless we collect – period.

All accounts are given equal time and attention at Grimm Collections. Unlike many agencies, we do not believe in “scoring” accounts (i.e. the idea of “scoring” accounts in order to only spend time on the “best” accounts that are most likely to be collected upon). Scoring accounts is not always accurate, and often leaves money on the table for our clients as a result. 

You Name It – We Collect It

At Grimm we serve the collection needs of all industries, from the smallest business professional to large corporations. Our diversified client base represents all types of debt. Having a diversified client base generates a debtor database that helps Grimm Collections find the debtor’s assets and increase your cash flow recoveries. A diverse client base of NSF checks, government, municipal, retail, utility, commercial and telecommunications presents the edge for Grimm to quickly find and collect from the debtor.

The elements that have fueled our collection success are quite simple. We are a local-regional agency, representing local creditors, collecting from local debtors. Our vast inventory of debtor files allows us to crosscheck and match 60-plus years of historical local debtor information to incoming new delinquent accounts. Since this invaluable database often contains exclusive information not found anywhere else, our clients benefit with higher recovery due to increased debtor locates and contacts by our collectors.

Free Collections

If your accounts meet the free collection legal criteria, expressly authorized statutes under Washington State law allow the “costs of collection” to be added to delinquent account balances. The collection fees can then be passed along to the debtor, thereby costing your business nothing for Grimm to collect your account. Our Client Service Managers will assist you in determining if your accounts meet the free collection legal criteria.


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