A Different Approach

                    To Professional Debt Recovery


At Grimm Collections, we are the calm in your financial storm. By leveraging nearly 70 years of local consumer data along with our innovative, consumer-friendly collection techniques, we manage all of your debt recovery needs!iStock_000007871492_ExtraSmall

As a local, family owned business with decades of collections experience in the Puget Sound/Pacific Northwest area, we know your customers and your clients. You won’t find a collections partner that knows the local culture, local economy and local financial environment better than we do!


The X Factor: Our Exclusive Debtor Database

Grimm Collections has a built-in advantage that few (if any!) agencies can match thanks to our proprietary debtor database. Because we have almost 70 years of detailed and unique data on generations of debtors all across Washington State and the Pacific Northwest, we are able to connect data points that other agencies can’t when it comes to collecting on accounts based in our area. iStock_000016671426_Small

Consider this: When you place a new account with us, almost 70% of the time that new placement will link with data in our existing master files! The diversity of creditors that Grimm represents provides a variety of insightful data on habitual debtors that cannot be found anywhere else. The end result is that Grimm can find and make more contact with evasive debtors, in addition to locating their assets and enforcing collection. That means higher ROI and fewer complaints for our clients!


Your Debtors = Our Neighbors 

With our local staff and long history in the area, our collectors can establish an instant trust, rapport and empathy with the consumers we collect from. Our clients receive fewer complaints and higher ROI as a result of our local, family-owned approach. Guided by our commitment to customer service and reputation for integrity, Grimm Collections has a long history of proven success.


What Our Clients Say…

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