Washington State Debt Collection Agency Grimm Collections Introduces New, Client-Focused Collections Software


Olympia, WA September 19, 2013 – Washington State-based debt collection agency Grimm Collections, a leading accounts receivable management firm in the Pacific Northwest, recently upgraded their collection software to Beyond.net.

David Grimm, President and CEO of Grimm Collections, believes the client-focused nature of Beyond.net separates it from other options in the collection software marketplace.

“We’re very excited about adding Beyond.net to our debt recovery services,” Grimm said. “The combination of accessibility, flexibility, and transparency offered by the software is going to really benefit our clients. Clients will have the luxury of enhanced reporting capabilities and 24/7 access to their accounts, making it simple for them to monitor our collection performance and check on the status of their outstanding balances.”

David Grimm also believes the increased level of automation that Beyond.net offers will help Grimm Collections better serve their clients by allowing their collectors to spend less time locating consumers and more time recovering delinquent debt.

“Among other features, Beyond.net’s integrated payment processing and unprecedented automation for collection technology truly makes it the collection software for the 21st century,” Grimm said. “Time-intensive tasks like skip tracing, dialing campaigns and ongoing tracking of payment plans will be performed without collector involvement, allowing our collection staff to spend more of their time interacting with consumers and collecting money for our clients.”

Founded in 1945, Grimm Collections is a family-owned debt collection agency based in Tumwater, Washington, serving municipalities, hospitals and businesses in the Puget Sound area and across the entire Pacific Northwest.

Learn more online at http://www.GrimmCollections.com.