Olympia, Washington Based Debt Collection Agency Grimm Collections President Honored


mail_image_previewOlympia, WA July 09, 2013 – David Grimm, President and CEO of Grimm Collections, an Olympia-based debt collection agency, recently received one of the highest and most coveted honors awarded by the Washington Collectors Association – the Presidential Award for Continuous Service.

“It’s very important to work and give back in the debt collection industry, to have input and a voice to shape an ever changing industry, and to work with the amazing clients who make an award like this possible,” says Grimm, whose Olympia, Washington debt collection agency was founded in 1945. “When I received the award, I was literally stunned and at a loss for words. It means so much given our family’s history here in Washington State.”

David Grimm’s grandfather, Howard Grimm, founded Grimm Collections almost 70 years ago. David Grimm’s father, John Grimm, received the Presidential Award for Continued Service in 1997. (John Grimm is now Director and Company Advisor at Grimm Collections, where he oversees daily agency operations and client advising.)

David Grimm considers the award a humbling and remarkable experience.

“I was proud to look at the award, see the list of previous recipients and find my father’s name there as well,” David Grimm says. “It’s following in the footsteps on my greatest mentor, my dad. He always taught me to continuously give back, and what I receive in return would be immeasurable. And to see all the other names on the award, many of them are my colleagues that I have the utmost respect for.”

The Presidential Award for Continued Service is given out to one individual each year (if merited) by the Washington Collectors Association, which is a trade organization of professional debt collectors that serve the credit and collection industry in Washington State.

The President’s Award is given to the member who has made continuous contributions to and on behalf of the Washington Collectors Association through leadership and/or efforts expended in each of at least the past eight years.

“The award affirms to me that Grimm Collections has and will always be involved in our community, in serving our clients’ best interests and in leadership and service within the WCA,” David Grimm says. “I can’t thank my family and our clients enough for giving me the opportunity to receive this award.”

Founded in 1945, Grimm Collections is a family-owned debt collection agency based in Tumwater, serving municipalities, hospitals and businesses in the Puget Sound area and across the entire Pacific Northwest.

Learn more online at http://www.GrimmCollections.com.