Collection Solutions

                     Less Bad Debt, More Revenue…


When you partner with Grimm Collections, the value we bring to your business is simple:


Higher Recovery Rates + Lower Bad Debt Expense = Increased Profits!


The Grimm Approach

At Grimm Collections, every account is treated the same regardless of age, type, or amount. Our nearly seven decades of collections success across Southwestern Washingon is a tribute to our proven system for debt recovery. Each account placed with us undergoes the same process from inception to resolution:


• A Complete and Professional Effort on Every Collection Account

Each claim, regardless of size, receives urgent due diligence with a strategic mix of recovery technology, written and verbal techniques, and personal financial counseling.


• Swift Action of Every Account You Place

Collection activity commences immediately once your account is received and processed into our computer system.


• Free Skip Tracing When Your customer Cannot Be Found

Includes return mail and address forward processing, credit bureau queries, Internet database searches, telephone record searches, and more.


• Full-Featured On-Line Reports

Real-time status, payment, summary reports and more.


• All Collection Efforts are Within State and Federal Regulations

We fully comply and follow all state and federal laws that regulate collection agency operations.


What Our Clients Say…